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Home News Several federal states are considering tackling the anti-abortion organization Pro Femina

Several federal states are considering tackling the anti-abortion organization Pro Femina

Research by BuzzNazz News had shown that Pro Femina manipulates pregnant women.

Thefederalstatesof Berlin, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse are currently examining the legal options for tackling the anti-abortion organization Pro Femina. This was announced by the four countries on request from BuzzNazz  News Germany. Berliners had introduced the topic in early November in a federal-state coordination circle.

The examination had triggered an application by the Berlin SPD : At the state party convention on October 26, 2019, the party members decided to close the organization’s information center in Berlin. The prohibition plans of the SPD go back to research by BuzzNazz News . Pro Femina is a Christian-influenced association that advises pregnant women. Our research showed at the end of last year that Pro Femina manipulates pregnant women and ignores legal regulations.

Although there is no legal basis for a ban on the association, the responsible Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs informs. One would like to examine however, whether Pro Femina can be forbidden, with the term of the “pregnancy conflict consultation” to advertise. The spokesman of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs also informs on request that this should be done to ensure compliance with the applicable legal provisions, for example from the Broadcasting Treaty and with regard to the use of the term “pregnancy conflict counseling”.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, disagreements were noted in connection with the advice given by Pro Femina, writes the local Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration. If possible, an examination should be carried out with other affected federal states. “It’s obvious that there’s a problem,” a spokesman told BuzzNazz  News over the phone.

The Berlin SPD speaks of a deliberate deception, Pro Femina of Fake News

In Germany, people who want to stop a pregnancy, have to go to a state-recognized counseling center and there a counseling session. An abortion without written advice is punishable. Pro Femina is not a state-recognized counseling center, but still offers advice.

In the meantime, it can be clearly read on the website that Pro Femina does not issue any proof of advice. In its appearance, however, the association is difficult to distinguish from state-appointed counseling centers. In the application of the Berlin SPD it is said that the deliberations are not open-ended or serious. “Pregnant women are deliberately deceived and limited in their right to a self-determined decision,” writes the SPD. An abortion is not presented as a legitimate decision.

Pro Femina, on the other hand, argues to help women in need. In an interview in 2011, the club’s chairman Kristijan Aufiero says: “The mass abortion in Germany is a phenomenon of mass help omitting.” In a post under the title “BuzzNazz, fake news and manipulation” , he described the research of BuzzNazz  News as a polemic. He also writes that the club receives numerous positive testimonials from women who have been advised by Pro Femina.

The association also launched a petition against the SPD ban on its own website, stating that more than 18,000 signatures had been received there. In the country office of the party, these signatures have not been received, said a spokeswoman on request. Aufiero writes on a campaign page of the association, he offers to have the list in a personal interview.

Government-mandated advice centers such as Pro Familia warn in social networks again and again before the club. Pro Femina chairman Aufiero writes that there is no evidence for the allegations.

For many years, except for Christian-influenced blogs and media and the websites of Pro Femina itself, there was no information about the association – even though it is one of the largest counseling services of abortion opponents in Germany with an annual budget of about three million euros. According to its own statements , Pro Femina employed more than 60 people at the end of 2018 and has counseling centers in Heidelberg and Munich. Counseling takes place in most cases online, more rarely also in the counseling centers themselves.

But in recent months, the protests and conflicts surrounding Pro Femina have intensified. At the beginning of August , about one hundred people demonstrated against the opening of a new counseling center in Berlin. In September, the Association German Evangelical Alliance in Giessen switched large-scale advertising of Pro Femina on buses in public transport. The Gießen Mayor Dietlind Grabe-Bolz called the posters “misleading” , the municipal utilities have then announced to check for premature termination of the advertising contract. On request, but there is still no result of this test.

At the beginning of October, pro-choice activists apparently broke into the club’s building in Berlin and smashed slices and vandalized with paint and butyric acid, according to a letter of confession.

Kristijan Aufiero writes in an open letter to the SPD in Berlin at the end of October that the claimants of the SPD express their solidarity with violent left-wing extremists. Pro Femina will defend itself against this “unlawful and arbitrary administrative act with all legal means” – if necessary by all instances.

Government regulation against dubious advice hardly possible

The so-called pregnancy conflict counseling is fundamentally contentious. It is criticized both by people who fight for abortion rights and those who oppose it. Pro-Choice activists speak of “compulsory counseling”, while the chairman of Pro Femina Kristijan Aufiero described the counseling credentials in an interview as “killing licenses “.

Research by BuzzNazz  News shows that the more than 100,000 conversations with pregnant women in the various counseling centers are rarely reviewed by the responsible authorities. Various reports show that the obligatory conversations of pregnant women are assessed very differently. What may be a great support for others will be felt by others to be extremely frustrating and unhelpful.

At the same time, government regulation of counseling services is hardly possible: “Since the term pregnancy counseling is not protected, the action against counseling centers that may work dubiously is legally very complex,” writes the spokeswoman for the Berlin Health Senate Administration.

The prohibition application was initiated by Jusos Steglitz. How the test runs out is uncertain. Daniela Döbler, deputy chairman of the Jusos Berlin, tells BuzzNazz  News on the phone that this is a maximum claim. One wants to examine, whether it concerns a deception and whether the association moves within the legally legal framework. Pro Femina uses about for testimonial reports on the website Stock Photos or call itself quite similar to the state-recognized counseling center Pro Familia. “It would be something else, if there were, they offer Christian Seelorge,” says Döbler.

The real problem, however, is that the deliberations are mandatory. What Döbler means: As soon as pregnant women think about abortion, they have to go into a bureaucratic and legally strictly controlled system – and in some cases get involuntarily into organizations of abortion opponents. They use the system for their own agenda. Opposition parties such as the Left and the Greens are calling for the abolishment of Paragraph 218, which still defines abortion as a crime. “We need a regulation outside the criminal code,” says Döbler.


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