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17 summer problems that every woman fears

1. Yourbreasts are constantly marinated in their own sweat.

2. And your hair suddenly has its own head.

3. You have to expend so much energy to fix this mess.

4. And suddenly shaving / waxing / epilation and pedicure is announced again.

5. Nevertheless, your legs are never quite supple.

6. Your favorite make-up melts in your handbag.

7. And on your face.

8. You must resist the temptation of rubbing your dry, itchy eyes all day, otherwise you would smear the mascara.

9. You have to deal with very complicated bras and bra straps to wear pretty summer clothes.

10. And then these summer dresses cause such patterns:

11. And then come home because of your flip flops with grubby feet.

12. Or lose it on the way.

13. Wear a nice airy summer dress while your thighs rub against each other.

14. Or shorts that you need to pull down all the time.

15. Seating occasionally you mark with your ass water.

16. And having your days in the summer makes you even more paranoid.

17. And then the one you bought deceives you the first time you jump into the pool anyway.


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